STK MAKINA GIDA MAKINALARI IML. SAN.TIC. LTD. STI. Food Processing Machine, Food Machine, Milk Collection Unit, Milk Storage Unit, Milk Treatment Machine, Yoghurt Machine, Ayran Machine, Kashkaval Cheese Unit
SALT PROJECT MAKINA SAN. LTD. STI. Salt Production Machine, Battery Recycling Machine, Recycling Machine, Fluidized Bed Type Drier, Pusher Type Centrifugal, Cleaning Cyclone, Elevator, Cyclones
ATHA MAKINA VE METAL URUNLERI PAZARLAMA SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI Packaging Machine, Vertical Packaging Machine, Doypack Packaging Machine, Filling Machine, Multihead Weigher, Packing Machine, Horizontal Packaging Machine, Sealing Machine
M C B SANAYI URUNLERI MAKINA INSAAT TURIZM TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI Lpg Tank, Lpg Tanker, Pressure Vessel, Adr, Tube Filling Plant, Lpg Equipment, Iso Container, Trailer Spare Parts
YILMAZ MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI packaging machine, packaging equipment, food packaging machine, stick packaging machines, bobine slicing machines, vertical packaging machines, paper bag filling machines, thermoform machines

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SALT PROJECT MAKINA SANAYI TIC LTD STI has been established on the year 2000 by HAKAN ONCEVARLIK. The company has changed his name as SALT MAKINA SANAYI TIC VE LTD STI. On the year 2009. Since the year 2016 the company is proceeding as SALT PROJECT MAKINA SAN. TIC LTD. STI. Since the establishment, the company has giving service to the big industrial companies which are involved in the sector of the Salt and Sodium Sulfate for the subjects of the industrial contracting, manufacturing and erection and dismantling.
ATHAPACK, is a leading Turkish manufacturer of vertical packaging machines, Doypack and horizontal packaging machines, combinational multi-head weighers, linear weighers, auger filling and volumetric dozing units, food processing machines, vertical and Z type bucket elevators, various conveyors and special projects. Our goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive projects, sales, manufacturing, supply, service, installation and commissioning of technologically advanced and efficient packaging machines and packaging lines.
MCB was founded by M.Cemil Bese in the 1950s. Established for the manufacture of storage tanks, installation and piping systems of the Petroleum Sector, the company has successfully constructed many tanks, installations, land and sea pipelines for many years. MCB, which has a well-deserved reputation with the name of its founder in this sector, where many international oil companies belong, continues to serve both the Petroleum and LPG sectors in Turkey and abroad with its experienced staff under the structure of a Joint Stock Company.
Founded in 1979, our company has become the leader of a new perspective in the sector by following the current developments since its establishment and with its customer-oriented solutions. “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” which is the central point of management mentality, is the measurement of the investments made by Yilmaz Machine. Creating solutions with wrapping, packaging machines as well as specific designs in a total area of 16.000 m2, our company provides services to privileged customers in food, medicine, chemistry and cosmetic sectors.
STK MAKINA was established in 1981 in Sakarya, which operates in the food industry and in particular in the establishment of equipment turnkey facility for the supply of equipment for milk and dairy processing plants. Until today, our company has established many factories in our country, has exported to more than 50 countries. Having a wide range of products, STK MAKINA has reached its present level with its expertise, quality service and honest line in determining the customer needs in the best way and finding the right solution for this. STK MAKINA SAKARYA is located in the modern and new factory, milk production facilities; turnkey milk and products for the establishment of complete facilities, milk collection and cooling centers, milk transport tankers, milk intake, pasteurization and standardization lines, pasteurized drinking milk lines, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir production lines, feta cheese, cheddar, curd cheese, mozerella , hellim, cream cheese, labne, edam and gouda production lines for many varieties such as cheese, cream and butter production lines, ice cream production lines, CIP units, storage systems, complete turnkey milk factories are installing. It establishes turnkey fruit juice facilities and supplies all kinds of equipment and services for fruit juice, fruit nectar, fruit drinks, and flavored drinks. As STK MAKINA, we set up turnkey milk factories and we also produce solutions for other food processes such as fruit juice, water, honey, jam and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. STK MACHINE; R & D, design, project, production, installation, commissioning, sales and after-sales service, especially continues its activities. Our aim is to provide our customers with the most advanced technology and quality products with our extended warranty periods, to provide the best service in after-sales service.